Must-Have Furniture for your Guest Bedroom

If you are in the process of furnishing your home, you understand the process of selecting furniture to suit each room. Every room serves a different purpose and hence, will have a different set of furniture to fit the functionality of the room. But what furniture do you put in a guest bedroom?

When it comes to your guest room, there are some pieces that are an absolute must-have to make the room warm, inviting, and complete.

Here are four must-have furniture pieces that should be included in your guest bedroom:

A Comfortable Bed

The last thing you want is for your guests to complain about waking up with aches and pains because of the bed. No one likes to sleep on a lumpy bed, so a comfortable bed for your guests should be a top priority.

And, of course, you can’t forget the aesthetics. Choose a bed with a bed frame and headboard that will match your decor style and fit perfectly into the room.

Newhall Bed - Queen

Guest room chair 

Typically your guest room is like a suite. It’s usually away from the other main rooms in the house and should have everything your guests may need, including an en suite bathroom. One furniture piece that should not be overlooked is a guest room chair.

Usually tucked into the corner of the room to provide the added feel of comfort, these chairs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. A guest room chair allows your guests to really unwind, put their feet up and relax while enjoying the homey, cozy feeling of the room.

Chest of drawers

Have you ever been away from home and had to dig through your suitcase or travel bags every time you wanted something to wear? Yeah, not the best experience, we know, and there’s no reason your guests should go through this in your home.

Extra storage is always welcomed in a space. Having a chest of drawers in your guest room shows that they are welcome while providing them with all the storage they will need for their convenience. Additionally, the top of the chest of drawers can also be another place to store additional items.


Guest room lighting 

Whether you choose chandeliers, light scones, lamps, or recessed lighting, lighting is a critical part of room decor that is often overlooked. Many times we focus so much on the furniture that we completely forget that lighting can also add to the aesthetic of a room.

The lighting fixtures you choose can also make or break your overall decor. Lighting adds to the warmth and coziness that a room has to offer. The direction of the light, how low or high they hang, and how many variations you use all contribute to the mood and feel of the room.


Now that you know the different furniture pieces that a guest room needs, you should also know that shopping for quality furniture starts with Hedi’s Furniture. For luxurious, unique furniture that will elevate not just your guest room but any room in your home, shop at Hedi’s.