Bubble Wood Chair Gray Stone


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Dimensions: 28 × 28 × 24 in
There is something about a large, wide form factor and smooth, rounded edges that give off a feeling of warmth and comfort. The Bubble Wood Chair is carved out of pure chamcha wood and adorned with a gray stone finish. This chair is as sturdy as it gets, as it is solid wood throughout, making wobbles or broken legs an impossibility. The chair also delivers an abundance of seating space while simultaneously possessing a simple but refined look that will make your interior pop. We also offer the Bubble Wood Chair in a natural finish.
This piece is crafted from natural solid wood. Color and character of wood grain may vary, adding a unique character to your piece.
Material: Chamcha wood
Weight: 250 lbs
SKU: 26-livch-TH94093
Category: Living, Living Chairs
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