Limited Warranty

At Hedi's, our commitment extends to the creation of products with unwavering integrity—furniture crafted with meticulous attention to quality and care. In a world often disposed to the transient, the robustness of our offerings is not just logical but crucial, benefiting both individuals and the environment. Hedi's Furniture stands behind the assurance that our merchandise is free from defects in both materials and workmanship, starting from the date of delivery for the specified number of years, particularly applicable in residential (non-commercial) settings.


This Limited Warranty does not encompass damages resulting from normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse, natural disasters, or inadequate care and storage.

Many of our pieces mirror the uniqueness of the artisans who crafted them. The intricate details serve as a poignant reminder that a genuine person fashioned something exclusively for you. Collections fashioned from recycled metals, reclaimed woods, and other naturally finished materials showcase beautiful, organic variations, occasional distress marks, sporadic oxidations, and color fluctuations. These are inherent features that do not compromise the performance of your piece and are not deemed quality defects.

Don't let an unforeseen mishap jeopardize your investment. Our Worry-Free Protection Plans include coverage for accidental damage, a facet not covered by our Limited Warranty.


This Hedi's Furniture Limited Warranty is non-transferable and is applicable to both indoor and outdoor furniture exclusively used in residential (non-commercial) settings. It becomes void if the furniture is used in a non-household setting, mishandled, improperly reupholstered, or repaired by any entity other than Hedi's. Upholding proper care and usage is imperative to safeguard your rights under this warranty.


Hedi's pledges to repair or offer an equivalent replacement for furniture affected by any defects. In the event of a replacement, an exact match cannot be guaranteed. If the original piece is unavailable, a comparable item of equal value and similar style will be substituted. No cash refund is available, and under no circumstances shall Hedi's be liable for more than the furniture's purchase price or for incidental or consequential damages. Certain states may not permit the exclusion or limitation of such damages, rendering the above restrictions inapplicable in those jurisdictions. Proof of purchase is mandatory for merchandise exchange or warranty service. If an item is repaired or replaced under this Limited Warranty, coverage extends only for the remaining duration of the original warranty period.